Resources for Tutoring


ESL Literacy Readers

In this resource, you will find a selection of theme-based readers along with an instructors guide that will support ESL literacy instructors to create comprehensive, theme-based lessons for adult ESL literacy learners. There are preview files to view the stories as well as printable files to print the stories as booklets.

The themes were carefully chosen in that they had to be both of high interest to learners, and more importantly, of relevance to their lives. Every effort was made to ensure the stories would authentically represent learners themselves as well as events and issues that a typical learner may experience.

Canadian Newcomer Magazine

Canadian Newcomer Magazine is a free glossy, magazine with full colour cover and interior. The mission of the magazine is to connect the regions diverse ethnic communities in Canada using one voice and language by providing free information, advice, entertainment and encouragement to new immigrants.

To that end, the magazine is written in English, but the vocabulary and grammar are kept as plain and simple as possible – complex ideas written in entry level English. Subjects covered include employment, housing, Canadian lifestyles, health, finances, ethnic media and education. The publication is being used as a teaching tool at many schools throughout the GTA.

Canadian Newcomer Magazine is published six times per year with all issues available online in both English and French.

NorQuest Rural Routes

We are eager to showcase our information “hub” centre! This library has a range of resources relevant to individuals who work and volunteer in the ESL community. If you are looking for information check out our collection, which includes website links, documents, articles, activities, fact sheets and so much more.

Grass Roots Press

Grass Roots Press has added online exercises, discussion questions, and more to supplement many of the books you will find on the CALLS office shelves. Find them here:


This site has lots of very good English videos explainging useful concepts and those small tricky bits of language:

Don't forget - Strathcona County Library is now hosting a settlement worker! If your learner has any questions about settling in or sorting things out, get in touch through the library (or Dyan).

BBC Skillswise

Lots of options here:

National Adult Literacy Agency

Piles of practical worksheets. Spelling and occasionally grammar is Irish/UK.

NorQuest Intercultural Education Projects

A collection of various materials and resources related to intercultural communication and succeeding in the Canadian professional workplace:

Best Practices for Adult Refugees in the ESL Classroom

The Best Practices for Adult Refugees English Curriculum is designed to teach survival English and acculturation. This curriculum is free for anyone to use worldwide. It's based on tried-and-true language learning theories and takes into consideration the special needs of adult learners and focuses on the critical need for teacher sensitivity while working with refugees. If you're thinking of starting up a survival English class in your neighborhood or just interested in becoming more culturally competent, you're in the right place. Enjoy!

Northstar Digital Literacy

Digital literacy testing, explanations, and workplans.

Refugee One

Many links to worksheets, lesson plans, and support for ELL.

75 Short Short Stories

Stories to enjoy when you have five minutes to spare, grouped by category to suit your mood.

ESL Library

This is an excellent resource with thousands of lesson plans and topic-specific grammar worksheets etc. Please contact Dyan with the topic you need, as it is a member access resource.

East of the Web

Short stories, word games, and lots of them. Also free.

Grammar Bank

Lots of printable grammar exercises at all levels, as well as quizzes and explanations.

Tar Heel Reader

Welcome to the Tar Heel Reader, a collection of free, easy-to-read, and accessible books on a wide range of topics. Each book can be speech enabled and accessed using multiple interfaces, including touch screens, the IntelliKeys with custom overlays, and 1 to 3 switches. This is a very basic literacy/beginner resource.

Math Trainer

Practice mental math in a competition style game.


Make your own flashcards.

Heritage Minutes

The classic short films (with new additions) plus accompanying information.

ESL Conversation Circle Toolkit

This is an excellent, Canada-based resource for planning and hosting conversation circles with small groups.





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